RiLEY RAGE - logos-01.png

RiLEY RAGE! is a multi-faceted producer and visionary artist.
Music and the arts have been a part of RiLEY RAGE!
ever since he was a young child, where he would often
learn to play songs on the piano by ear. RiLEY RAGE! began making his first beats at the age of 11.

 It wasn’t until the age of 27 that RiLEY RAGE!’s
true artistry and musical essence emerged,
in-part through the birth of his self-proclaimed genre he calls,
‘New Earth Tribal’ - a genre-infused mix of Trap and EDM
that has a comforting familiarity yet uniquely distinct tribal feel.

Fueled by his raw primal energy, 
RiLEY RAGE! highlights the nature of duality by confronting
and merging both dark polarities into one via anchoring light into darkness through universal sounds and messages.